Wednesday, 27 August 2008


Last and by no means least of the urban craft stars is Bombus. Amelia uses the art of decoupage in a modern and fresh way with her love of vintage maps and comics which are used to cover furniture and accessories.

She is happy to undertake commissions so if you have a favourite image or part of the world that you would like to see on a bowl, chair or table then please visit her website

She also has an etsy shop where you can buy a range of her products including her handmade recycled envelopes.

Last few days now for the pop up shop so please come in and say hello!


Marcia Hamilton is the talent behind Glammamamma and she creates the most gorgeous crochet designs using vintage patterns which she updates and customises.

She also hand knits baby bootees in the softest wools. Her little shawls and shrugs are perfect for little girls in soft lilacs, purples and orangey shades.

Not long to go now for the urban craft stars pop up shop so if you are in the carnaby street area you have no excuse not to come and see us!


The urban craft stars pop up shop is now in it's last week (how time has flown) so I had better get a shift on to fit all our talents onto this blog.

FreeFlowMamas is the work of Elizabeth Oniri. I met Elizabeth on the Textiles course at Morley College and she was like a kindred spirit!

She loves to knit and creates the most amazing designs in lovely soft and stretchy wool. She also has customised tops in the shop with the theme of 'skulduggery'. The green dress on the mannequin in the picture can be a long skirt or a shorter strapless dress.

Monday, 25 August 2008

skinnylaminx blog

We are featured on the lovely skinnylaminx blog today.

Thank you Heather!

Heather is an etsy favourite of mine with her beautiful textiles and it is great to 'chat' with her about the urban craft stars and who knows possibly there will be a skinnylaminx pop up shop happening in cape town some day.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

today's star...

of the urban craft stars is Tim Williamson aka Ryokan Art. Tim is a well travelled photographer having visited New York, Iceland and The Maldives where he has taken some beautiful images of the everyday and the unusual.

In his own words...

‘I try and look for the abstract as well as the beautiful in the world. Simple images that need to say little just look interesting. Aesthetically pleasing imagery created by the world we live in; the naturally occurring and the man made…. I am a photographer. I take photographs sometimes. What more do I need to say?’

He also runs personal chef service morue
Sorry for the rubbish photo of tim's work. I will try to take a better one this week but hey I'm a printer not a photographer!

Saturday, 23 August 2008


For the third urban craft stars profile we have the lovely urbanknit aka dolapo james.

"Urbanknit is a design collective started by Dolapo James with the aim of providing fresh and interesting handmade fashion accessories that are unique and offer the wearer a sense of individuality.

From handbags and purses in bright African prints and batiks, to customisable scarves and tee-shirts, there is something for everyone with a taste for originality.

Dolapo says: ‘New designs, shapes and styles are added regularly and we are constantly exploring and experimenting with new ideas.
Each piece is carefully and lovingly put together by hand and one of our most important goals is ensuring that no two items are the same.’

I love the little touches she uses such as over sized buttons which makes each item both original and personal.

Friday, 22 August 2008

my mums a hippie!

My Mum's a hippie aka Monique Jivram is one of the lovely urban craft stars. I met her at the Brixton Craft Market and she just stood out from everyone else with her lovely original work.

"She loves to sew while listening to the rolling stones. After a third Galaxy ripple, her obsessive, ever busy hands combine her love for embroidery with her punchy illustrations creating works of art which are a mixture of hand embroidery and machine sewing.

To battle the forces of her mothers crushed velvet and beaded wardrobe, my mums a hippie brings urban T-shirts and striking accessories to you. Every labour intensive piece revolves around colour, to create raw, edgy and intricate pieces."

Her mum very kindly looked after the pop up shop for us one day and she is a real sweetheart too. Thank you Miriam!